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Nextbase UK is the British arm of electronics company Nextbase. The company was founded in 1999 in Surrey and is the UK's leading manufacturer of dash cams, as well as producing other in-car technology including DVD players. Nextbase is a registered trademark of Portable Multimedia Ltd.

Some of the CONS Honest John Kits website mentioned in a review about ¨Nextbase 512G dash camera¨ is that it has no WiFi included, only takes MicroSD cards up to 32GB and there are much cheaper dashcams that are just as good


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Chris Williamson says

"Nextbase products are unreliable. Due to failures they dont tell you that you should their expensive branded cards or that you must format the card very often. Then when it fails and doesn't read cards at all they turn their back on you looking for every excuse to either get money from you or expecting you to waste money on buying a new dashcam to replace the one which is no good anymore!"

Noneyourbusiness says

"I will definitely give you a negative to everyone as I am threatened by micheal that you have my phone number as well as address? Gift from wife no sd card emailed to ask only to be told sold separate. It is not a dash cam if it does not have a sd card it is a camera and is useless for what is sold for! Returning and will let the BBB and police know of threats received by your company"

Dave A. says

"Unhelpful really, won’t sell me a spare part to repair my dash cam but will fit a new part if I send it to them to repair (and charge me for it). Obviously part available but won’t sell one to me. Simple repair to do, no warranty issues as it is too old."

simno the solutionizer says

"Bought a dashcam and was in the process of setting it up via the App. After the page where it says there might be 'in-game purchases' (really?) but which to be fair you can skip, the next page asked me to fill in my car insurance details exactly as shown on my Certificate of Insurance. Er hello . . . no fkin way!! Why do they want to know that? I took it back and explained to Costco that I wasn't giving my details to anyone; they gave me a full refund."

Gary Greenway says

"As with most companies, the agent does not read the email properly. After saying that recommend settings and SD cards where causing issues, therefore changing settings to non recommend and a non recommend SD cards was used, all issues where resolved. The agent emailed back telling me to use recommend settings and a recommended SD card otherwise I will have issues. Did I not say that the recommend settings and SD card was causing the issues? I will say, now that I am using non recommend setting ect, it is a fantastic little dash cam."

Brian Clark says

"The dash cams are good units but pity the same can't be said of the customer services. I would advise not to purchase the nextbase sd cards, as they are unreliable and overpriced." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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